Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela accepted the invitation to become our Patron-in-Chief in late 1994. We recall receiving the news from the Union Buildings on 8 December that year and we recognised the significance of this support which has been truly cherished. 
The National Council of SPCAs and the SPCA movement throughout South Africa proudly commemorate our association with our former President on the occasion of his birth date.
When we grieved not only with our nation but with the world last year at his passing, we nevertheless recognised that from our sadness arose a strength and determination to make his memory and his association with us even more memorable. We expressed feelings of appreciation and deepest recognition of Nelson Mandela’s life of selfless service and his setting of such a worthy example to the entire world. His words as well as deeds remain with us.
In honouring and being thankful for the SPCA movement’s association with him, we commit that through our actions and moral fibre to uphold his proud legacy: - the "Madiba magic.”
We honour his name, recognise his stature, spirit and determination to make the world – and our country specifically – a better place for all.
Our mandate is to prevent cruelty to animals, all animals. People and animals are inextricably linked. Where there are people there are animals. In upholding the principles of kindness, compassion, understanding and empathy, we submit our tribute to  our beloved late Patron-in-Chief, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.
On Mandela Day 2014, National Inspectors of the NSPCA commemorated our past President out in the field, working towards uplifting standards of care for all species of animals in our country.

Please click on the image below to read the media statement regarding this cruelty issue ...

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supported by the NSPCA on facts surrounding the Rhino Poaching trade ...

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